Earth Day Design

2020 Earth Day Design Contest Winner

This year’s Design Contest winner is Mariam Marzouk. Mariam is a senior Computer Science major with an interest in art & design and passion for the environment. When asked about her piece Mariam said, “In coming up with the design, I wanted to capture the relationship between personal environmental stewardship and the global health of communities and the earth. Planting and tending the soil are concrete local actions that can have a broad global impact, especially in the context of the climate crisis.”

Mariam’s design displays a large 50 to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the 1st Earth Day ever hosted in 1970!


Earth Day 2005-2019 Designs

Past Design Contest Winners
1st row: Esther Shin (2017), Kitan Parekh (2018), Rita Young (2019)
2nd row: Jalpa Shah (2007), Crystal Collett (2005), Nicole Wiesner (2012), and Ava Bilimoria (2014)
3rd row: Robert Poppell (2008), Lorenzo Tolentino (2015), Siqi Han (2013), and Blake Williford (2009)
4th row: Tiffany Chau (2016), Will Folsom (2011), Tanyoung Kim (2010), and Leroy Campbell (2006)