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Earth Day 2018 Design Created by Kirtan Parekh

Earth Day 2018 Logo
Kirtan Parekh

Kirtan Parekh is a 2nd year undergraduate student majoring in Business Administration. Asked about the inspiration for his design, Kirtan explains "My inspiration for the design was ToyStory. The second I heard "To Green and Beyond", I was reminded of Buzz Lightyear's, "To Infinity and Beyond", and knew that I wanted that cartoon/toy look. That's where the rocket ship came in. I knew that no matter what, I wanted there to be a rocket in there to keep it with the Buzz Lightyear inspiration I had. As for the rest of the design, I wanted to make sure to convey a message that no matter where we go, we should leave a green mark. That's where I came up with the idea of blending a leaf into the fire coming out of the rocket ship and allowing that to mesh into the tree."

Earth Day 2005-2017 Designs

Past Design Contest Winners
1st row: Esther Shin (2017)
2nd row: Jalpa Shah (2007), Crystal Collett (2005), Nicole Wiesner (2012), and Ava Bilimoria (2014)
3rd row: Robert Poppell (2008), Lorenzo Tolentino (2015), Siqi Han (2013), and Blake Williford (2009)
4th row: Tiffany Chau (2016), Will Folsom (2011), Tanyoung Kim (2010), and Leroy Campbell (2006)