Earth Day Environmental Awards

The Earth Day Environmental Awards for Leadership and Sustainable Initiatives celebrate individuals or groups who are making a positive environmental impact, either through an exemplary new initiative or body of work. The awards recognize individuals or groups making positive environmental impacts, whether on campus, or in the community at large. The 2018 award recipients will be announced at the Earth Day Festival on Friday, April 20, 2018.

Earth Day 2017 Award Recipients

Akanksha Menon

2017 Environmental Award Winner Akanksha Menon

Akanksha Menon is a PhD student at Georgia tech. Akanksha is the president of the Energy Club at Georgia Tech, which is a student-led organization that has over 500 members from within and outside of Georgia Tech. The organization's goal is to be at the forefront of discussions on the energy landscape, sustainability and the environment. The Energy Club hosts an annual Energy Expo, which brings in stakeholders with different agendas (industry, scientists, policy makers, etc.) to discuss climate change and strategies to mitigate its effects. Akanksha joined the Energy Club in the fall of 2013 and has served two terms as the club's president. Due to her involvement and leadership within the Energy Club, Akanksha was selected as one of 100 graduate students nationwide to participate in the ARPA-E Innovation Summit and in the C3E Women in Energy Symposium in 2016. Akanksha's PhD research focuses on finding ways of providing energy to all without compromising our planet.

ORGT Volunteer Student Staff

2017 Environmental Award Winner ORGT

Outdoor Recreation Georgia Tech (ORGT) staff have been leading Instructional Program trips since its founding in 1970. The organization has served over 150,000 students within its 47 years. ORGT volunteer staff consists of 220 active volunteers who, in 2016, volunteered 102,000 contact hours, and worked with more than 5000 participants over the course of 15,100 service days. Outdoor Recreation Georgia Tech volunteer staff bring thousands of students into the wilderness each year and foster an appreciation for our planet. Students experience the beauty and wonder of the environment and so become future stewards and leaders in advocating for our environment. At an institute so renowned for developing future leaders in industry, it is important that we are providing these perspective-changing experiences. ORGT also teaches staff and participants to care for our planet. ORGT staff regularly pick up trash on the trail or rivers while out on trips. All seven sports teach the principles of Leave No Trace as part of their curriculum.