Live Performances

Kourosh (Casey) Charepoo

Casey started learning to play the guitar at age 10. By the time he turned 20, Casey started writing sound tracks for Persian movies. He plays classical guital and he is a song writer and composer. Casey has arranged music for Persian signers and he plays the Tar, one of the national Persian intruments.

Dr. Dr. Mr. MD

Professors Mayne & Neitzel

(Dr.) Paul Mayne. Paul is a professor of geosystems engineering in the School of Civil & Environmental Engineering. During his undergraduate years at Cornell, he left college to play guitar for a living for 2 years, then returned to finish his undergraduate degree and his MS. He worked for 11 years in Washington, DC as a professional registered consulting engineer, then returned to Cornell to get his Ph.D. Prof. Mayne has been at GA Tech since 1990. He plays 4- and 5-string electric bass and sings backup vocals. He is married with one teenage daughter (and one wife).

(Dr.) Paul Neitzel. Paul is a professor in the George Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering, focusing on the field of fluid mechanics. He joined his first band in 1964, and played music off and on with various groups through the summer of 1979. Prof. Neitzel did his Ph.D. at Johns Hopkins, and took his first academic job as a faculty member at Arizona State University; he has been at Georgia Tech since 1990. He plays rhythm guitar and handles most lead vocals. He is married with four grown sons (and the two most beautiful granddaughters in the world).

(MR) Mike Rudolph. Mike works for Vangent Inc. as an engineering manager. He is also an associate professor at Keller Graduate School of Management, teaching evening courses in strategic management of technology, wireless communications, and network strategy & design. He received his B.A. in electrical engineering technology from the OhioInstitute of Technology and an Executive MBA from the University of Rochester. Mike plays drums and sings backup vocals. He is married with three children, the youngest of whom will enroll at Tech this fall.

(MD) Mike Duffee. Mike is the owner of Restaurant Equipment Services and Food Equipment Specialties, providing services to many of Atlanta's finest restaurants. He is also a graduate of Cornell University, where he met and played in bands with Paul Mayne in the mid-'70s. Mike has lived in Atlanta for 28 years and enjoys riding motorcycles (we think he's an organ donor), rollerblading, snow skiing, swimming, tennis and golf. Mike plays lead guitar and sings both lead and backup vocals. He is married and the father of two active young sons.

Four Stone Sun

Four Stone Sun

We are thrilled that 4 Stone Sun has returned for the third year to celebrate this most special 10th Annual Earth Day at Georgia Tech. Having completed their second album last year, the band is just as popular as they've always been and they will continue to add more tour dates. The members of 4 Stone Sun are Danny Cochran (lead vocals and guitar), Chase Kowalecki (drums and percussion), Aaron Morris (bass) and Jeff Tuggle (lead guitar and vocals). Visit their official web site for tour dates and more!

Christopher Walker

Chris Walker

The son of an established DJ, singer, songwriter, musician, and manager of local bands in their hometown area, Christopher J. Walker was born with many talents and a spirit of music. A Midwesterner, and unlike many others, he has a distinct sound, and blends, and a depth in his soul that reaches out from his music to those that hear him. His sound can reach across ethnic differences.

Since age of 2 yrs. he has displayed talent and ability. His vocal maturity has evolved into a man with a message through his music. Substance, meaning , and enjoyment is synonomus with his performance. “My focus is to channel the power and the energy of my gift and share it with the world. The lives I touch is important to me," he said. As a golden glove state champion and national competitor, Chris compares the entertainment industry to the blood and sweat in the ring. “To achieve is to overcome when facing adversity, it is the moment a champion is defined.” sparked Chris.

A musician lyricist and working actor…keep your attention on Christopher J Walker. His spirit is like a Jewel...entertainers like him are hard to find.



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